A Montage of Nicki Minaj Wacky Nicknames (VIDEO)

Idol judge, Nicki Minaj,  has this weird habit she can’t control. She gives people weird nicknames. In this new promo from American Idol, a slew of her cray names for contestants are put together in a montage.

“Cutie Pie,” “Lady Bug,” “Gumby,” “Top Hat,” “Curly,” “Bunny,” and “Mushroom” are just a few of the wacky names.

Her reasoning? She says it helps her remember the contestants, in addition to making them feel special!

Check it out below.


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  • Caro3278sweet

    Nicki is the reason I’m going to watch the show tonight. Yeah, I’m hoping to connect with a contestant and cheer for them, but she’s the reason I’m tuning in instead of just watching MJ’s recaps.

  • fantoo1

    Nicki makes the audition rounds more entertaining.

  • Prime_Minister

    As a long time Idol watcher, I have to say Nicki makes these (usually bland) audition rounds more fun!  

  • Nadine_Bitch

    ”Finger Licking good” lol
    ”Let’s go Licking!” hahaha I wonder who’s that boy gonna be, or was that shown already? For 2 episodes I saw only one cute contestant. I think his name was Griff or somethin?

  • jcabby

    She is so hilarious and witty. I had high expectations for Nicki being a great judge and she exceeded them. She is a lot of fun.

  • SullyD


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QPQ3BY4QAQ2WBIG3EP4JBX2LHY SamC

    I actually love her as a judge. I was super mad when I heard she was going to be one but I love watching her and Im intrigued by her “accent”

  • http://twitter.com/RonnieDRocks Ronnie D

    I love Minaj. She catches a lot of heat, but her last album was FIRE. She has a hilarious sense of humor and is so animated. I think she is great on Idol.  :)

  • KelseyW

    There’s going to be a lot of ladybugs in Hollywood. lol

    My personal fave from last week was when she called someone(I think it was a girl)hush-puppy. That was cute.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Li-Wright/100001622678180 Li Wright

    Nikki needs her own Friday night cartoon show — on Fox!

  • iluvai

    awww.. she’s too cute. She’s a celebrity and she is trying to make a connection with the contestants. Can you imagine how many people/fans/contestants/family outta the woodwork this girl sees?   She seems really nice.

  • CB40

    Love her

  • waitingforthe1

    is she entertaining?  I have refused to watch thus far. 

  • Axxxel

    She is not too bad…still bearable even though I am not really a fan of hers… Maybe you should check out the Candice Glover clip on this thread on MJsblog ! If you eventually do not like her, at least you may take a look at the contestant…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenny.williams.391 Jenny Williams

     yes. you judged her too soon. Se’s a brilliant judge and you’re missing out.

  • http://twitter.com/facenfield David Facenfield

    LOL… I haven’t watched any of current season… its changed channels here in UK… so timing of it isn’t convenient for me… but Minaj looks like the breakout judge… have heard positive comments re Urban also… not so much re Carey