Idol Headlines for 01/05/12 – The Evening Edition


James Durbin will perform on Conan, January 12, TBS 11/10c pm.

Casey James will make his Grand Ole Opry debut on January 27

Kelly Clarkson posts: “Rehearsing for Saturday Night Live and am thinking how great @blakeshelton would be hosting this show. We should all rally for that! He’d be hilarious! Maybe the entire cast of The Voice hosting would be funny too! I have great ideas.”

Frankie Cocozza Enters Celebrity Big Brother 2012


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Yes, he is back …

Katharine McPhee “Smash” Gets an Early Premiere


Those of you who are really looking forward to the premiere of the new NBC drama, Smash, co-starring American Idol alum, Katharine McPhee are in luck!

On January 16, the premiere episode be available for viewing to both Comcast customers and beyond on Xfinity On Demand and Their iPad app will carry the episode beginning January 23.