American Idols Live! 2008 – Atlanta, GA

The Idols are in Atlanta GA tonight, and according to Rodney Ho at Access Atlanta, the Idols did not meet the fans at the buses before the show–they were busy being interviewed by Larry King to be aired on his show this coming Friday… Rodney’s got some very nice pictures from today’s CNN taping inside […]

Canadian Idol 6! Episode 25 – Top 5 Performance – VIDEO

The Canadian Idol Top 5 performance show begins tonight at 9 pm ET. Tomorrow’s results show at 8 pm ET. Canadians and border dwellersà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦carry on! The rest of us will catch upà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦ Beatles Week! Plus, Judges Choice. The judges choose Beatles songs for each contestant. Was that Beatles retrospective […]

Charlotte, NC AI Live! Show – Cooktard76’s Recap

We drove from Wilmington, NC to Charlotte Saturday morning (about a 3.5 hr drive). I am telling you I am from Wilmington, b/c that comes into play later… Sunday morning we get up to go bus seeking. I wanted to be there early b/c I HAD to be up front to meet my tv bf. […]

Charlotte, NC AI Live! Show – Desi’s Recap

Desi and her friends made the umbrellas David Cook and Michael Johns danced with during “Please Don’t Stop the Music”. Read her “epic” account, below. OMG! Heh. royal mavidian army: the battle of charlotte. or, under my mavebrella.. ella… ella…. okay. so. the weekend started pretty fabulously- i arrived at the airport in detroit and […]

Charlotte, NC AI Live! Show – Amy’s Recap

Amy saw the Idols before the show and was lucky enough to attend the after-show meet and greet. Read her account of the concert and her experience backstage. Amy’s full concert recap can be found HERE. And her backstage review HERE. She’s got little video clips of the show and backstage HERE. And more photos […]

Daughtry – Feels Like The First Time – League of First Time Voters – VIDEO

Daughtry is teaming up with the CNN initiative ‘League of First Time Voters’ to encourage Americans to register and vote in the upcoming presidential election. Daughtry recorded a straight-ahead cover of the Foreigner tune “Feels Like the First Time”, which will serve as the official song of the campaign. Very cool. I’m feeling all patriotic […]

Idol Appearances for the Week of 8/18/08-8/24/08

The American Idols Live! tour winds it’s way through the Southeast this week. Bo Bice is touring with Todd Rundgren’s Sgt Pepper Tribute Band. His bandmates include Lou Gramm, Christopher Cross, and Denny Laine. Katharine McPhee’s new movie, The House Bunny, opens on Friday, and Kellie Pickler and Josh Gracin play the Grand Ole Opry. […]

Charlotte, NC AI Live! Show – Ginger’s Recap

Tonight, I went to the concert in Charlotte, NC. Our seats were at a side angle but I went down to the side runway many times to take pictures and try to shake hands with the Idols. It was overall an entertaining concert. I was disappointed that I didn’t go earlier to greet the Idols […]

Idol Headlines For 8/18/08

Fantasia Teams Up With Rocky City For New Album! I have it on exclusive authority to reveal that Fannie is presently hard at work in an Atlanta area studio on her highly anticipated third album. The project is being helmed by Konvict Musik/Interscope Records representatives Rock City. The song writing duo has already recorded six […]