Top 6

Thank Yewww! Thanks to everybody who helped out with the spoilers and rumors these past couple of days.  Ya all Rawk Hard.  No Lie.  I couldn’t do it without yinz.  Anticipating the show is almost as fun as the show itself.  This week though–I think the anticipation was better.  Besides a few bright spots, tonight’s show […]

Late Breaking Spoiler

Late Breaking Spoiler: Thanks to Jenn From somebody who attended the dress rehearsal: 1.  Katharine – I Have Nothing – Whitney Huston 2.  Elliott – A Song for You – Carpenters (Written by Leon Russell.  Donny Hathaway also did a version.) 3   Kellie – Unchained Melody – LeAnn Rimes 4.  Paris – The Way We Were […]

Song Spoilers

Regarding Kellie Pickler:  I’m hearing that she’ll be singing Leann Rimes version of “Unchained Melody”. A Real Update Ok.  I’m posting an actual hint given to me from a good source, for Elliott Yamin’s song tonight: This is a song that Elliott is very familiar performing and loves a lot. He’s also sung it many […]

Check out the Comments

No update, really.  Just passing the time. Ok, the “Taylor Made” remark was a joke.  I figured as much.  But I just want to make sure all fans feel welcome here… Check out the comments! There is quite the conversation going on about Constantine Maroulis.  As a contestant, he was polarizing,  It seems ya either loved him […]


Update I have no update.  Lot’s of Spoiler rumors flying around, but I think I’m going to hold off on posting any of them right now, ’cause what I’m seeing so far doesn’t seem solid.  But anybody who is interested in checking out the assorted rumors, should take a peek at the comments section of my […]

Bocelli and Foster Appear on Idol

Andrea Bocelli and David Foster to Appear on Idol I just saw this posted at  Here’s the Official Fox press release for this week’s shows, from Rodney Ho’s blog. “Andrea Bocelli, whose voice has transcended all languages and spoken to the hearts of millions around the globe, will perform “Because We Believe” from his platinum album […]

Interview with Idol Producer Ken Warwick

Interview with Idol Producer Ken Warwick Thanks to mila who posted this article in the comment section.  It’s from Rodney Ho’s AI blog in Ken Warwick did a big phone press conference today, and here are a few notable comments: An Elvis Presley theme is forthcoming in a couple of weeks. Ken said, It “breaks his heart” that he […]

Spoiler Update

Spoiler Update Not much to update.  Elliott Yamin’s camp is keeping quiet this week.  No clues.  Elliott’s girlfriend, who posts at the official forums wants to be surprised this week.  She’s asked Elliott not to tell her his song choice.  However, Elliott’s mom did a an interview with, and apparently, Elliott’s brother knows his song choice: “We’re […]

Interview with Dean Banoweitz

Interview with Dean Banoweitz, Idol Hairstylist Dean was interviewed by Kiss 95.9.  Check out both interviews posted on the site.  He had some interesting things to say about the Top 7 and 8. According to Dean, during the Top 8 Results show, Elliott was “horrified”.  Apparently, he knew he would have to sing that night.  However, […]

Bits and Pieces

Gone but not forgotten? Remember April Walsh and Brooke Barrettsmith from the Top 44? Stevie Scott from the Top 24? Fellow blogger JD Matthews has recently posted interviews with  April and Stevie and posted an update on Brooke Barrettsmith.  JD keeps up with past Idol contestants so I don’t have to! Heh.   American Idol Extra I’ve finally located a reliable torrent of […]